Product information


Although we do design some of our own pieces we do not cut them. We outsource this job to a number of specialized laser wood cutting teams, based both locally and over sea’s.

Each team has their own speciality, and we work in together.

One team cuts all the bamboo, another does the cherry wood and custom orders, another does all our own designs, and one does all the printed images.

We have been operating like this from the beginning, and will continue to do so giving us the time to keep designing and creating, filling orders and attending markets.


All Once Upon A Tree findings are of an excellent quality and purchased from Australian suppliers.

Earrings posts and hooks are all made from surgical steel making them safe for sensitive ears. Surgical steel is a type of stainless steel which is suited for surgical applications making it a popular choice for the manufacture of body jewellery.

The earring posts and hooks will not tarnish and they are corrosive resistant.

I do recommend you sterilise the backs and posts before the first wear for hygiene purposes.

Necklace and pendant chains are made of an antique bronze which is nickel free.

These will need an occasional polish to keep them tarnish free.

The wooden bead necklaces are threaded upon faux leather cord, which has a soft feel to it, and no animals were harmed in its manufacture.


All wood comes from sustainable sources, meaning the forest area is responsibly managed therefore not harming our environment. Felled trees are replaced and the cycle continues.

Once Upon A Tree’s novelty pieces are cut from alder or cherry wood. These are our choice as they are light to wear and light in colour so the etched marking will stand out. Alder wood is slighter lighter in colour than the cherry wood and this is our preference for all custom designs.

Earrings and brooches with printed colour are cut from sustainable timber as are the necklace bases.

Our hand painted range is cut from locally sourced FSC certified bamboo.

(FSC … Forest Stewardship Council – an international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forestry)

I highly recommend not getting your Once Upon A Tree pieces wet.

They are water resistant but not water proof. A drop of rain will not cause any damage but swimming, bathing etc with your pieces on will quite possibly ruin them.

Please remember wood is a natural product, unlike plastic or resin, it can swell when wet.